Diving in to the Future.

Didn’t it all start so simple? Me, You & Gorillas. But then the credibility for believing that there’s always more that we need to know, lead to somewhat of a Tech-olution under the mask of this urge for curiosity. We needed to explore what’s out there far far away, so we did. Landed a man on the moon, unquestionably impressive! James Cameron came up with the idea of a cyborg film, Terminator, breathtaking! But somewhere in the middle of our curiosity and exceptional film-making, we devastated the basic idea of Humanity, “Mankind was and will be the greatest species there has ever been.” Period! We’re making robots, far exceptional than us, faster than us, ‘mathematically intelligent’ than us, but lack fundamental emotional intelligence as well. So think about it, 10, 20, 100 years from now, what sort of future are we looking at? ’cause the way I and I’m sure some of you see it, may be the ‘artificially intelligent’ robots will be indifferent to human and gorillas. What have we done? Where are we headed?

So let’s talk honestly about automation, about Self-Driving Cars, Tech Startups, Drones, and everything that has a ‘Machine” in it from our perspective, the mankind. Not merely seeing what the global companies want us to see, and more importantly, think what they want us to think, ’cause we’re not programmed machines, we’re the mankind. This is our future! We survived it, we did the math. Let’s see how it turns out. How we envisioned it versus the turbulence that may come with it. Like they say, Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst(Oops!).
Have faith.

(Picture: International space station, Google Street view.)