Engineering our Choices.

Automation, okay! Artificial Intelligence, Quite alright. Machine Learning Algorithm, well it sets the bar high. But All of them together, it surely makes us look so naïve.
I mean picture this, we started off with nothing, then made something out of nothing, and look where we’re today. But the question isn’t where have we been, or where we’re right now, Future demands more!


Every code that we’re developing now is mathematics aimed at Potential Machines, not Potential People. How extraordinary can a machine perform at the standards of impossible?, doesn’t matter if the cost is a man’s incertitude. We’re trying to take over every industry out there, (VIA MACHINES.) though we call it optimizing, is there a different side to it? Well, Start off with this report via Vox.

The stories we can tell about why ATMs would replace all bank tellers, or online learning would displace most teachers, or digital diagnostic tools would make many doctors superfluous, are at least as convincing as the stories we can tell about AI-driven job displacement, and the technology is already here. – Ezra Klein.

And it’s not just engineering that’s trying to be imperative to the goals of inexhausting functioning, but somewhere down the line it’s questioning People as the fundamental resource of a business, by entirely re-innovating the decisions of human interaction. There’ve been insights to this entire business infrastructure.

 Automation is so much more than an economic problem. It is a cultural problem, an identity problem, and—critically—a gender problem. Millions of men around the world are staring into the lacquered teeth of obsolescence, terrified of losing not only their security but also their source of meaning and dignity in a world that tells them that if they’re not rich, they’d better be doing something quintessentially manly for money. Otherwise they’re about as much use as a wooden coach-and-four on the freeway. – Laurie Penny, for WIRED magazine.

Well now it has become more of a Speculation Vs Speculation kind of a thing. Another side of the story is backed by Banks. Investment analysts boldly suggest that AI isn’t there to threaten them any time sooner, which sounds assuring from their standpoint and the reason is quite simple. It’s MONEY!

Kyle McEnery, an investment analyst at the Scottish fund house, says, “In investment in particular, I think this would be mainly welcomed by our human investors.” via Finacial Times.

Pretty much the same old situation for Wall Street, NIKKEI and every major stock exchange there is in our world. You can make computers work faster, but can you make it predict future? Certainly, the answer is.. NO?

There’s THIS bright side to it which has kept the progress going, and has established our Faith in Tech. Everything revolves around cost-efficiency. Period.
For instance, using 3-D printers to build homes could cut the cost of housing to a more manageable level so that families wouldn’t have to devote most of their income to mortgage payments. If machines could 3-D print homes using high-density resins, a structure that now costs $200,000 might cost $50,000. Jeff Greene via Fortune Magazine.

And then ofcourse there’re TESLAs saving the world of energy right now. Followed by Volkswagen, Mercedes and Volvo optimising automobile fuel consumptions to a whole another level.

Can the Machines be creative enough to acquire the skills of the people whose professions shape our lives? Yes! The musicians, artists, athletes, politicians and many more. ‘Cause nobody really wants to listen to an automated Kanye West. But sadly, it’s happening! And Engineering Music & Sound by the leading artists might be a thing of the past as well.

Ultimately, It all depends on how creative the MACHINES actually are. The future can be predicted, but there’s a future that can be ENGINEERED, too. What would that have in store for us? And importantly, what does it have in store for engineering?
And till the Tech companies are busy figuring it out, and probably killing various aspects of Tech unintuitively themselves, you’ve your choices to make.


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