Want to become the next Apple or Bloomberg? Give Data Centers a thought.

Remember how Richard came up with the idea of building an entire new internet via maximizing data compression on a cloud based system that drove the entire Silicon Valley absolutely crazy? If you’ve, Man was it devastating when ‘The Pied Piper’ lost their Data Servers just ’cause of the Traffic they’re too weak to handle? Well maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about, and I get it, I’m not here to give you a flashback of the most adorable Tech show, but instead, talk about how almost every company out there needs to have a solid Data storage infrastructure. Ever speculated about how you’re able to binge watch your favorite Netflix TV shows or Post thousand of pictures online? Data Centers get the job done! Period!


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There used to be a time when IBM, Or Google were known for their massive Data Centers. Then DropBox entered roaring in to share the load via cloud services, But look at us now, with everything now being stored digitally, I wasn’t amused when J.P. Morgan hired the elites of Data Analysts who now operate it’s data centers with operating costs of well over $500 million. Yes! A BANK did that. Facebook is expanding every single day, and ‘Making the world more connected’, but how is it doing that? Yes! You guessed it, Data centers take care of keeping all the Billions posts shared on the social media platform by roughly 1.9 Billion People across the world, accessible. (TechCruch reports: A look inside Facebook’s data Center), with 6000 tweets tweeted, 40,000 Google searches done, and more than 2 Million E-mails sent every single second, I leave the math to you! As of September 2014, The internet has 1 Billion active and parked domain websites, said Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, in a Tweet. And these are the websites that are indexed by Alphabet inc., famous as Google, Bing and other search engines, but what about the websites that aren’t?


And how about shifting our focus to Apple, the first iPhone came out 10 years ago, and Apple is now the most sought after smartphone company in the world, followed by Samsung. (The Telegraph Reports: Apple topples Samsung as world’s biggest smartphone maker.) What led to this? Well Marketing was that link between the companies and the users, but Marketing just via Billboards and TV commercials has now become a thing of the past. Digital Marketing invaded and sliced the industry in it’s own domain, everyone wants to sell, and they know they can’t do it without the internet. How does YouTube endorses thousands of these commercials by such Tech Goliath? Well, Money is one thing, but Data is that currency that sets you up in Tech business. The well you handle it, the well you sell. Apple is taking over the world of Consumer tech right now with iCloud, and syncing iTunes and Apple Music just via a click, that’s it! Not forgetting the brand new Beats one Radio or OVO sounds radio and the much anticipated iOS 11.


Amazon is probably the hottest thing right now on the internet, sounds like a movie how a man named Jeff started selling books online and now has become the biggest name in Silicon Valley and the world, something that started off as a small E-commerce is now aiming to become the next Netflix (via Amazon Prime) and a pioneer in robotics and Space Research. (CNN Money reports: Jeff Bezos tests giant Robot suit.). All ’cause he handled the DATA decently. So It’s true that your favourite Tech company is making a huge amount of money, but they’re paying a hefty price for that. Still don’t have FAITH in TechxFaith? Well we got it backed up! Here,

CNBC in a recent Report on Apple: Apple invests $1 billion in a Data Center in China.

The Stack in a recent Report on Twitter: Twitter reported to have made massive data center investment in Atlanta 

Data Economy Reports on Facebook, AWS: Mega Tech Giants Facebook, AWS to expand Ireland Data Center footprints. 

Picture Credits: Blogspot/EquinixDataCenter

Verses handling of Data has now become as significant as managing your Startup Funds. The demand for Data Analysts & Scientists is on the rise more than ever. All ’cause of the recent statistics that imply that just Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook collectively store at least 1,200 petabytes between them. That is 1.2 million terabytes (one terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes). Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.com proudly emphasized on how significant it is for almost every company (irrespective of it’s domain.) to handle the data. Well, I guess you’ll agree with him. You wouldn’t be reading this Blog if WordPress.com didn’t handle the 28% of the entire web traffic so well that it does, today!


Well the rules are simple, want to be the next big name in tech?  Just know that we don’t need Harvard MBA’s or the best of stock brokers on Wall Street, But instead, the people who can carry out the math, do massive data analysis and Handle it!



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5 thoughts on “Want to become the next Apple or Bloomberg? Give Data Centers a thought.”

  1. With all due respect sir… The whole system of data centers is pretty fascinating…. But what about the hazards… Because data centers need very specific locations to be built upon… Nd recently Apple’s data center was accused of getting the electricity at low cost which was compensated by charging people higher than the normal rates… And talking about tech… Bittorrent is alreadybusing peer to peer and saving the data on user files… Except for leaching the whole idea is working pretty fine as we all know the love our generation have for torrents… So don’t you think data centers are a little over rated commodity..???
    Something to think about..!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there, Sir. Firstly thank you so much for going through this blog even when you had nothing to lose. And I agree with you. I really do. But to get something, something’s got to give. Data Centers can’t be set up at any place out there, it’s obviously hazardous if constructed in the middle of the city. And the companies that I’ve mentioned in the blog, try to minimise the risk by investing a huge amount of money.
      Accusations on Apple, well accusations are made everyday.
      Well, I’m sure that you must’ve heard about that there’re are people working out there to store Data in a human DNA. So your concern is really justified. And the Tech world understands that. Part of the reason we’re working on that as well.
      And you’re on point on BitTorrents, but see torrents aren’t everything, the love is justified. But there’s a huge internet beyond that. Every purchase you make on amazon, has to be stored in the form of a data, data Centers do that. BitTorrents is a totally different domain of company here.
      So unless we’re able to develop an algorithm which will Compress our Data so much that we won’t need the numbers of Data Centers that we’ve today, Or storing Data in a human DNA becomes a reality, You’ve to consider handling your data via a data centre if you’re looking in to the future as a big tech company.
      I’m grateful. And really happy that there’re people like you who think about Tech in a different way. See you on the other side, Sameer. 🙂


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